Turlock RR Lap / Bagby Loop

Turlock RR Lap / Bagby Loop

Come out and preview the race course for, what will hopefully be, the first NCNCA road race of 2021! Then on to Bagby loop for extra credit. This ride will challenge every bit of your cycling abilities…

Starting from the park in Snelling heading west to the Turlock Lake Road Race route, is an easy roll out battling the bees.  The race route will be marred by sketchy tarmac and some pretty good rollers.  We can go over points of attack for potential breaks, the race is considered a sprint fest but there are a couple of places to launch. 

After the race loop we head back toward Snelling to the infamous Bagby loop.  We normally start in a different spot but this will be a great ride for all.  We will have decent tarmac, rollers and a quick climb up to Hornitos where we can stop to fill water bottles.  From there its more rollers through picturesque landscape until we hit the Bear Valley climb.  This is a short 20 minute climb with some really steep sections, again really beautiful but most don’t notice because of the climb.  The descent is straight and fast, non-technical just open it up and go.  The bottom is a good spot to regroup then easy climb to a big technical descent, best to follow a leader for the first time as there is a hairpin that sneaks up on you.  The next climb, Bagby,  hits right away, it’s long and steady about 7 miles.  The top is a good spot for a regroup then it’s good tarmac for a long moderate descent into Coulterville where we can stop for water and/or food.  From there it’s great tarmac for 12 miles mostly down hill at fast speeds until you hit the 132 climb, it’s only hard because you have climbed the two big boys prior.  It’s an 8 to 10 min climb then its downhill to the turn-off for Merced Falls.  Quick regroup at the Don Pedro Market then its about 14 miles back to the cars.  The ride back will be a couple of miles with some punchy climbs and then a big 10 mile gradual descent back to Merced Falls with an easy roll for a couple of miles back to the parking lot.

“This is an epic ride.”, Jeff Qualle

Check the sidebar for a Ride with GPS link. Don’t have time or fitness for 106 miles/7,200′? No problem, just ride the first 40 miles and go home when we head back past the cars.


Sat, Mar 6, 2021


9:00 am

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Henderson Park
2641 Merced Falls Rd, Snelling, CA 95369

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